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Tembusu Projects

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The company behind the Highlander Bar & Restaurant relies on Casio projectors for lamp-free, high quality projections during private functions.

  • Tembusu Projects
  • Tembusu Projects
  • Tembusu Projects
  • 1.

    How did you find out about Casio projectors?

    The projector series was introduced to us by Casio Singapore’s Regional Product Marketing Specialist, Desmond Gay.

  • 2.

    What are the qualities that you look out for when you purchase a projector?

    The projector has to be lightweight, compact, easy to set up and project clear images.

  • 3.

    How have you benefited from the advantages of Casio projectors?

    We’ve benefitted from the lamp-free feature of Casio projectors, since no lamp replacement is required in the long run.

  • 4.

    In your opinion, which is your favourite feature and why?

    Lightweight, quick focus and clarity of images.

  • 5.

    What are some of your key challenges and concerns when it comes to projection technology?

    We’ve had challenges setting up Wi-Fi projection, but it was resolved after a little help from the customer service department.

  • 6.

    How have Casio projectors helped to improve the presentation experience for your audience?

    We have had clearer projections of our presentations since we started using Casio projectors.

  • 7.

    What were your perceptions about Casio projectors before using one? Has that perception changed since you bought our product? Why and why not?

    I’m not familiar with different types of projectors. That said, this is the first one we bought and we’ve been happy with it.

  • 8.

    How often are the Casio projectors used – how often, for what purposes, who uses it?

    Once a week, during private events.

  • 9.

    Would you recommend our products to others? If so, why?

    Yes, it’s easy to set up and lightweight.