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The long light hours and eco-friendly features of Casio’s Lamp Free Projectors have made meetings and presentations more productive and maintenance-free at one of Asia’s largest e-commerce giants.

  • Rakuten Asia Pte Ltd
  • Rakuten Asia Pte Ltd
  • Rakuten Asia Pte Ltd
  • 1.

    How did you find out about Casio projectors?

    I found out about Casio projectors through an online projector review forum.

  • 2.

    What are the qualities that you look out for when you purchase a projector?

    The projector has to be eco-friendly and easy to maintain. It would be even better if there’s no maintenance required.

  • 3.

    How have you benefited from the advantages of Casio projectors?

    The fact that the projectors are lamp-free means we do not need to replace lamps in the long run. Coupled with the filter-free feature, which is a very huge advantage to us, we no longer need to engage third-party maintenance contractors, saving us a lot of time and effort.

  • 4.

    In your opinion, which is your favourite feature and why?

    The quick start-up time works best for me. During weekly town hall meetings across different time zones, we no longer need to wait for a very long time for the projectors to start up. Our Casio projectors can reach full brightness in as fast as 5 seconds.

  • 5.

    What are some of your key challenges and concerns when it comes to projection technology?

    Projection technology doesn’t really matter to us. What matters to us most is the ultimate clarity and image quality of the projector.

  • 6.

    How have Casio projectors helped to improve the presentation experience for your audience?

    My audience now no longer needs to wait very long for the projectors to start up. The projectors can start up and shut down within 5 seconds. Most importantly, we do not need to wait for them to cool down.

  • 7.

    What were your perceptions about Casio projectors before using one? Has that perception changed since you bought our product? Why and why not?

    My initial perception was that Casio projectors were very expensive. I am paying a premium for Casio projectors, which have specs that are similar to that of competing projectors.

    But later on, I realised that the price difference is due to the fact that Casio projectors are all made in Japan and have very long light hours of 20,000 hours, which translates to almost 5 years of usage.

  • 8.

    How often are the Casio projectors used – how often, for what purposes, who uses it?

    We usually use them on a weekly basis for our mass town hall meetings. Apart from those meetings, we also use them daily for presentations.

  • 9.

    Would you recommend our products to others? If so, why?

    Yes, I will recommend this product. The long light hours and eco-friendly features of the product, such as zero mercury and low power consumption, encourage us to use the product in a more environmentally responsible manner.