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Fernvale Gardens School

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The high quality images, ease of use and low maintenance of Casio projectors have convinced a Singapore school to go lamp-free for a brighter future.

  • Fernvale Gardens School
  • Fernvale Gardens School
  • Fernvale Gardens School
  • 1.

    How did you find out about Casio projectors?

    I found out about Casio projectors through our vendor and some online research.

  • 2.

    What are the qualities that you look out for when you purchase a projector?

    The projector has to be easy to maintain, with low lamp degradation.

  • 3.

    How have you benefited from the advantages of Casio projectors?

    The Lamp Free advantage of Casio projectors means no lamp replacement is required in the long run. They require very low maintenance, yet deliver high quality projection.

  • 4.

    In your opinion, which is your favourite feature and why?

    No lamp replacement, which helps to lower replacement and maintenance costs.

  • 5.

    What are some of your key challenges and concerns when it comes to projection technology?

    A key challenge is that the quality of projected images usually worsens over time.

  • 6.

    How have Casio projectors helped to improve the presentation experience for your audience?

    The quality of the projected images is always good. The projector is also easy to use.

  • 7.

    What were your perceptions about Casio projectors before using one? Has that perception changed since you bought our product? Why and why not?

    I’ve been reading up on Casio’s technology for a while, but I wasn’t sure about its reliability until now.

  • 8.

    How often are the Casio projectors used – how often, for what purposes, who uses it?

    We use it for educational purposes for at least three hours a day.

  • 9.

    Would you recommend our products to others? If so, why?

    Yes I would. Casio makes high quality projectors with good reliability. We do not have any issues with Casio projectors so far.