Ultra Casio projector


ultra short throw 1

Projects 60-inch images from distances as short as 13 cm. Suitable for a variety of spaces, from classrooms to conference halls.

Great for classrooms and challenging spaces such as meeting rooms. Eliminates shadows on the screen to allow for more creative and engaging presentations.

ultra short throw 2

A separately available wall mount solves the problem of installation in cramped spaces. A comfortable projection environment is assured.


Resolution (Native)
WXGA (1280 X 800)
Brightness (Lumens)
Contrast Ratio
1800 : 1
Power Consumption (Eco Mode)

The Laser & LED Hybrid technology produces great image quality while eliminating maintenance time and costs.

Bùi Quang Huân
Senior IT Manager, PWC Ho Chinh Minh City




Quick startup & shutdown time [Instant ON & OFF]

Startup takes as little as 5 seconds after the power is turned ON, dramatically reducing waiting time before image projection. Power OFF is achieved with one push of a button, and no cooldown is required before restarting. The ability to start projecting immediately increases efficiency in meetings and classes, and efficient power ON/OFF management can help conserve electricity as well.

Long life, high durability, low energy consumption TCO Helping to reduce TCO

The Laser and LED Technology has a long life light source that last approximately 20,000 hours. With the combined dust resistance design, it helps to reduce deterioration of the projector luminance which is commonly attributed to dust and also reduces the maintenance of Casio Projectors. Comparing to mercury lamp projectors, Casio requires little to no maintenance *TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): Total cost of introduction, maintenance, management, etc.

Large-screen projection from ultra-short distances

large screen

The remarkable short-focus lens achieves 60-inch screen-size projection from a distance of 13cm. This shorter throw not only prevents background reflections from appearing on the screen, but it also keeps light from the light source from shining in viewers’ eyes for more comfortable viewing.

Networking for enhanced classroom teaching convenience (C-Assist)

networking Wireless presentation
Wireless camera
Browser projection
Simple PC remote control

When a wireless network is constructed with dedicated software C-Assist, image projection can be controlled by smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the classroom. Teachers enjoy a wider choice of teaching styles.

Internal memory for PC-free presentations

Presentation materials stored in the (2GB) internal memory can be projected without using a PC. Operators can project still or moving images as well as files in PDF (and other) formats without conversion. Operation can be conducted using the bundled remote controller or a smartphone

Dust resistance ensuring stable long-term operation

The main projector unit employs an original dust-resistant structure that effectively prevents the incursion of dust into the optical engine section. A dust-proof shield is installed to guard internal parts, and a filter in the air intake vent adds further dust resistance. These precautions reduce labor requirements for periodic cleaning as well as degradation of projection brightness due to dust, thus enabling long-term stable operation in dusty environments such as classrooms.


ultra interfaces

Main Functions

  • Built-in speaker <16W>
  • Wall-mounted projection compatible
  • USB memory compatible
  • Anti-theft lock
  • Wireless connection compatible
  • HDMI terminal
  • C-Assist
  • Control terminal
  • Intelligent Brightness Control
  • Wired LAN terminal
  • Vertical keystone correction
  • USB display

Low Total Cost of Ownership, Eco-friendly and Ease of Use

Download a PDF copy of the Ultra Short Throw Series brochure